Sekforde Street - A Spy Among Friends

Posted on 12th July 2023 by FilmFixer

London’s iconic Sekforde Street recently played host to the thrilling TV spy series, ‘A Spy Amongst Friends.’ The location turned out to be a star in its own right, providing the ideal backdrop for a successful and visually captivating shoot. An “epic telling of one of the greatest spy stories ever,” Macintyre’s book is based on personal papers and never-before-seen British intelligence files which has been adapted for this exciting new series.



A Spy’s Paradise: Sekforde Street

Nestled in the heart of Islington, Sekforde Street proved to be the perfect canvas for ‘A Spy Amongst Friends.’ Its charming blend of historical architecture and distinctive roads served as an authentic setting for this espionage-driven drama.

Street Magic: The Art Department’s Touch

The art department worked their magic, transforming Sekforde Street into a scene straight out of a spy thriller. The road closure allowed them to dress the street with period props, helping transport the audience into the world of covert operations and intrigue.



Gallop into History: Horses and Period Costumes

What’s a historical spy drama without a touch of the past? The scene came alive with the inclusion of several horses, seamlessly weaving history into the narrative. Actors donned period clothing, adding an air of authenticity to their characters.



Success on Sekforde Street

‘A Spy Amongst Friends’ brought Sekforde Street to life, demonstrating that it’s not just a road but a stage where history, drama, and creativity intertwine. The shoot’s success is a testament to the potential of this picturesque location, making it a go-to destination for future productions. The experienced locations team did a wonderful job at working with local residents and businesses throughout.

As the cameras rolled and the actors delivered their lines, Sekforde Street showcased its versatility, effortlessly transforming into a spy’s playground. Look out for the upcoming season of ‘A Spy Amongst Friends,’ where Sekforde Street takes on a starring role as a backdrop of espionage, intrigue, and mystery.