Lockwood & Co film across London

Posted on 14th February 2023 by FilmFixer

FilmFixer boroughs across London feature in Netflix’s Lockwood & Co. Filmed across Southwark, Camden, Kensington & Chelsea and Islington, Lockwood & Co. is a British detective thriller television series based on Jonathan Stroud’s book series of the same name.

Claremont Square had a staring role as Portland Row. The beautiful house at number 35 serves as the headquarters and home of several of the agents (main characters) in the 10-part series.



Gordon Square and Myddelton Square Gardens also feature, as well as St Chad’s Place, Iasshil Street and Union Street in Southwark. Road closure was required in Conlan Street in Kensington & Chelsea as a scene between two of the lead characters, walking and talking along the footpath was filmed.

Luke Wilson, Senior Film Officer at FilmFixer added, “The exciting detective thriller Lockwood & Co filmed across multiple architecturally iconic streets and squares in Camden and Islington after extensive resident engagement and logistical planning. The experienced Locations team worked closely with Filmfixer and the local communities to reduce impact whilst carrying out large-scale filming at key locations for the show. In Claremont Square the production returned several times to film one of the central characters homes where they used large camera cranes, green screen and various lighting set-ups to take the viewer into an alternative version of London.”